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Agents of Great Ideas

What you need? We've got it!


How we partner:

  • By the hour, day, session, project

  • Customize our resources to meet your needs

  • Headquartered in Chicago, we provide creative Thinking Agents across the US for   any kind of project

  • Happy to cultivate and develop CTA pools       in new markets

  • Collaborate with trusted vendors including creative meeting spaces, independent   ideation facilitators and more

  • Under the strictest level of confidentiality

What we do:

  • Recruit Creative Thinking Agents ©, Experts and Artists for...

- Ideation Sessions

- Focus Groups

- Online Forums & Communities

  • Session Strategy, Development & Design

  • Ethnography Support

  • Concept Writing & Artwork

  • Experiential Immersions...and more!

Who we partner with:

  • Innovation Companies

  • Independent Facilitators and Ideation Consultants

  • Corporate Innovation Teams, Brand and Consumer Insight Managers

  • Marketers

  • Qualitative Market Researchers

  • Brand Strategists

We will help you design, build and populate a gangbuster innovation session!

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What you need:

What we've got:


  • Research Consumer Behavior

  • Define Consumer Needs

  • Reveal Consumer Insights

  • Study Market Trends

  • Shop-a-long Subjects and Leaders

  • Ethnography Studies

  • Video Journaling

  • IDIs, Creative Thinking Agent Consumer and Expert Interviews

  • Online Platforms

  • Customized Immersion Journeys

  • Insight Exploration


Why they call us...

 The ideators were far more creative and eloquent than the average consumers in the group. It was a marked contrast! They did a great job pushing the thinking – we’re very happy with the outcome.

- Clara Henning | Black Bamboo


The Creative Thinking Agents were fantastic!  All were rock stars, eager, easy to work with and got along GREAT with our clients.  Our clients are SUPERRRR HAPPY! They loved the level of enthusiasm and thought that your creative consumers added.


- Madelyn Rutter | TNS Global



I really have to hand it to you for connecting our objectives to these creative sessions.  They worked very well and generated great conversations. Our client had a great time and was impressed with how relevant the exercises you designed were.

- Page Patten | Frank N. Magid Associates


It’s altogether something else to find people who can dig into themselves and talk about why. You might find a few of these folks in a project, and their opinions really help bring findings to life. When I started working with Thoughtly Crew, I was confronted with a room full of these people! It was an awesome experience. They’re the best group ever. Anywhere.


- Evan Stern | Greenberg Strategy

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